Camarilla/Anarchs/IA IC Invite!

Camarilla/Anarchs/IA IC Invite!

November 20, 2018 Camarilla 0
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’d like to extend to you a courteous welcome to our annual gala in Phoenix, Arizona.  This year, the theme is Rags to Riches!

Please look over our invitations, listed below.

RSVPs should be made here:

We look forward to showing you our hospitality, and our fine Domain.

Jozef Prinz

Kindred of the Camarilla, Anarchs, and Independent Alliance,

January is often a time of lamentation, regrets, and renewal. As the hopes turn from Rags to Riches, you are invited to join the Domain of Phoenix in a two night celebration. Rising from the bitter ash of the Apocalypse, we rejoice in continued existence with you on the first night at the Doomsday Ball. Bring your best post-apocalypse and fetish garb for a blending of extreme fashion and entertainment featuring Eddie Starr and Dystopian Dreams.

We welcome you to the party after the end.

Your host,
Kaius Drescher

(ooc: Eddie Starr is a Fame 5 rock star PC. This is the invitation for the first night of the Phoenix FGOTM January 18-19.)
Bienvenue au Phoenix!

We welcome you to attend our celebration – a tribute to the fantastic and historic cabaret, the Moulin Rouge!

It is our pleasure to offer to you an evening of socialization, music and fine attire.

Messieurs, please bring your top hats, vests or finery! Mademoiselles, don’t forget your feathers, corsets or high fashion! Please dress to the occasion, one would not want to show up and be a disappointment to the host!

Come, join us and rejoice in the Rhythm of the Night!

Répondez s’il vous plaît!

Jozef Prinz

RSVP Form:

(OOC: This is the invitation for the second night of the Phoenix FGOTM January 18-19.)
OOC: Hey folks, we’d like to invite you all to our Featured Game of the Month in Phoenix, AZ – January 18-19, 2019!  We’ve got two nights of three different venues. 🙂  Feel free to check out our website, where we have registration, auctions, and all the info we can manage for our FGotM:


Bryan Himebaugh

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