Phoenix FGotM – Garou Teaser and Registration Reminder!

Phoenix FGotM – Garou Teaser and Registration Reminder!

November 28, 2018 Garou Registration 0

Hello MESers!

We hope your holidays have treated you well thus far – we’ve got our Garou Teaser for our Phoenix Featured Game of the Month, coming up over January 18-19, 2019! Come on out and be the heroes that Gaia made you to be!

From ancient Egyptian iconography, to Alchemy and Gnosticism, further through both Indian and Norse Mythology,  the image of the Ouroboros has held several different meanings and understandings. Attributed to Alchemy, it holds the meaning of infinity or wholeness; from stagnant form to circulatory process. The dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposites. One that terminates its own life, only to give itself life once more. The symbol of the “One” who proceeds from the clash of opposites.

Standing on the precipice of destruction and victory, the Garou of the Sept of Warrior’s Wisdom are now faced with hard choices. Ones that will require a different type of tact, a new battlefield, and a faith that has been missing since Gaia’s voice was lost to the Nation as a whole.

Impediments will come not just from their enemies, but from their allies.  Will the politics of rage destroy what the Sept has fought and bled for in the past year? Can anyone truly save the Sept from its seemingly destined destruction and subsequent rebirth?

After all…

Confidence is easily twisted into hubris…Purpose can turn into avarice…and sometimes our greatest enemies are much closer than we would suspect.

We’re also hyped up to get people registered!  We’ve got live online registration open – Standard registration is 30$ (35$ at the door), and VIP Registration is 40$ (45$ at the door). You can find the information and links to register here:


We’ve also got some pre-FGotM Auction items up for bid!  You can check those out here:


As always, all our information can be found on our FGotM website:

Thanks, and we’d love to see you in Phoenix!

Bryan Himebaugh

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