Character Sheet Requirements

Character Sheet Requirements

January 9, 2019 Registration Updates 0

Hello MESers!

T-9 Days until our Phoenix Featured Game, being hosted over January 18th – 19th, 2019! We’re buttoning everything up on our end, so we wanted to get the information out for everyone – important things regarding character sheets!

Our event is requiring two printed copies of your character sheet, with one copy of your XP log. Players will turn in one copy of their sheet for the ST Staff along with the XP Log. The other copy is for the player’s use during the game.

As a reminder, the character sheet in the Database is the “master” sheet. Make certain the database is up to date and matches what you bring in printed format.

The site does have an On-Site Business Center, open 24 hours a day, complete with printing, copying and office supplies as needed.

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!

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