Charity Auction, Teaser Info

Charity Auction, Teaser Info

November 22, 2019 Camarilla Charity Garou Location Registration Updates 0

Hello MESers!

Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a wonderful November, and that your day is a good wrap for your week. We’ve got some more information on our Phoenix Featured Game of the Month, scheduled for January 17th and 18th, 2020!

Firstly, we have a call for items to be auctioned off at our FG Auction – proceeds going to our chose charity, Arizona Housing Coalition (! We’re asking for all sorts of donations – IC items, props, etc. If you have something you’d like to donate, please fill out the following form:

Secondly, both the Camarilla venue and Apocalypse venue have had changes in IC leadership! We’ll have more up to date teasers coming out soon, but for now – a brief teaser from our Apocalypse VST!

The apocalypse grows ever closer, but there may be a glimmer of light in the darkness. Do you dare risk it all, or huddle in the safety of the bawn? There are no easy choices in this world. So as Dylan Thomas once write, do you ‘Rage against the dying of the light?

The plague has come and gone with the force of a hurricane, leaving death and pain in its wake. Its passing has awoken something ancient in the deserts of Arizona, some say a vampire, while others fear it to be something far older. The Wyrm, as if sensing its chance to wipe a city from the earth, begins to gather. The Nation, having lost one Incarna, gathers its forces to defend another – all the while the Wyrm grows in strength…

Third, our Hotel is open and accepting reservations:

Once more we will be at the Holiday Inn & Suites Phoenix/Mesa!

Our event registration is LIVE and the hotel is happily ready to accept your reservation! Rooms are $129 per night for a two queen room, and reservations include 2 breakfasts per night booked.

The Holiday Inn has been completely remodeled from last year to include: work spaces in the lobby and the restaurant/lounge, open/accessible computers in the lobby for email/printing, and a small snack station with water/soda/ice cream and gnoshables. All the sleeping rooms have been refurbished and all include Keurigs, microwaves and small refrigerators.

They are holding the block open until 12/27. After that, the hotel cannot guarantee space. Arizona is beautiful in January, so the hotel expects to book up. If you would like to secure your room, please do so soon!

(no payment is due at the time of booking)

And last, but certainly not least – pre-registration is open! Save yourselves a few dollars by pre-registering!

We would love to see your smiling faces again this year in the Valley of the Sun (where harsh winter weather means you put on a light jacket and socks before going outside)!

Please feel free to check out our website, pre-reg for the event, and drop us a line if you have questions.

Thanks, and we’d love to see you in Phoenix!

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