Sabbat Crossover

Sabbat Crossover

November 24, 2019 Camarilla Sabbat (2019) 0

Good morning MES!

The Domain of Dead Man’s Hand has heard your desires to open our FGoTM to allow the attendance of Sabbat PCs at our game(s) – as there is no Sabbat game on our schedule for the event.

After discussions with the RST’s office – we are happy to announce that we WILL be allowing Sabbat PC’s the ability to cross-venue into the C/A/I game(s) on Friday and Saturday night of our FGoTM.  This cross venue will be allowed on a  case-by-case basis , and only after the VST has reviewed the request, and approved it (Cross Venue still requires Low Approval).

To help facilitate this – members who would like to portray their Sabbat PCs at our FGoTM need to fill out the following form and provide all the requested information to the VST no later than 01/01/2020.  The VST will review the requests and send email approvals to the players for their attendance. No last minute, on site, approvals will be issued.

Players will work out how their PC RSVPs to the event with the VST, who will help to facilitate that for them.

More information on our game(s) can be found on our FGoTM website  including registration, game themes, and hotel information.

Come see us!
–Ever Forward,


DC – DMH AZ D010

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