Sabbat Crossover, Teasers and Registration

Sabbat Crossover, Teasers and Registration

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Hello MESers!

Happy December! I hope you all enjoyed your time with family, friends and loved ones! We’ve got some more information on our Phoenix Featured Game of the Month, scheduled for January 17th and 18th, 2020!

We have all of our IC teasers out for our venues – one for each night of Masquerade, and one for the Apocalypse games. We’re really hoping you all can make it out – by your requests, there is cross-over for Sabbat at our Masquerade venue! 
To help facilitate this – members who would like to portray their Sabbat PCs at our FGoTM need to fill out the following form and provide all the requested information to the VST no later than 01/01/2020.  The VST will review the requests and send email approvals to the players for their attendance. No last minute, on site, approvals will be issued.

Players will work out how their PC RSVPs to the event with the VST, who will help to facilitate that for them.

Without further ado, here are the teasers for our Venues!



To the Garou and Fera of the Nation and her allies,

We all have made great strides in the face of adversity – we have fought, bled and sacrificed towards our greater goal of defeating the corruption of the Wyrm.

Every Sept faces dangers on a daily basis, and our Sept is no different.

We have recently been made aware of an ancient evil that lurks near our protecterate – one that rivals our legends in power. The Fool and our Ragabash have been investigating this situation, having found that leeches were setting mortals to the task of digging for this foul presence. Our clever New Moons have found signs that this evil is likely of Egyptian origin.

We are sending out a call for those who have the availability – we are asking for aid. We plan on making a push in January, to rid ourselves of this evil – to cleanse this blight from our deserts.

We ask for your aid.

Please, join us for the planning and execution of the removal.

Whirlwind of Teeth
Adren Get of Fenris Ahroun
Jarl of the Sept of Warriors’ Wisdom


Masquerade – Night One:

What We Fight For

Unto my Brothers and Sisters of the Movement, Esteemed Cousins of the Camarilla, Members of the Independent Alliance, and those that choose to live beyond;

You are invited to the Anarch Domain of Casa Grande for a celebration.

Join us as we celebrate with a 50’s style block party and remind ourselves of those things that we fight for, foremost being our Humanitas. Put down your grudges and enmities for an evening of peace and perhaps a chance to reconcile those wrongs.

To align with the theme of the evening, for a cost of a trivial boon(1), persons wishing to sue for peace in the matter of the courtesies of Casa Grande will be permitted to attend the evening’s affairs and present their reasons to the Advocate and the Anarchs of the Domain.

Some courtesies to consider if attending;

-All guests from outside of Casa Grande must RSVP

-If you have turned away from Humanity, this is not the place for you. If you wish to earnestly participate, contact me privately to consider arrangements.

– Absolutely zero violence will be permitted. I understand that debates will happen and some of us are passionate about our beliefs. That being said, if you feel your passion is overruling your logic, please, step away.

The Anarch officials for the Domain are as follows:

James Parcell, Advocate of Casa Grande

Jonah Murphy, Architect

John O’Malley, Ambassador

RSVP using the form below, please:


James Parcell

Ventrue Advocate of Casa Grande

1. Kindred on alternate Paths of Morality (and other) PCs wishing to debate the Courtesies of the local Domain may pay a trivial boon to do so. Said boon will be considered “cashed in” upon arrival, granting said PC the ability to be present, despite local courtesies and allow them to present their rationale for changing this courtesy to the Advocate. This boon will be logged as paid in full, as this is merely a setting mechanic (boons and Tradition of Domain), giving flavor to the game and not intended to prevent attendance to the event. Players merely need to let the PC Ambassador know they are actioning this option, so it can be recorded and an audience with the Advocate secured.


Masquerade – Night Two:

An Evening of Paradox

An Evening of Celebration of the Dichotomy of our Existence

To the esteemed members of the Camarilla;
To our allies among the Anarch Movement;
To our companions among the Independent Alliance;
To the Kindred of note among the unaligned;

On January 18th, 2020, please join us for a unique celebration of Greco-Roman mythology and faith honoring Ares and Eirene – War and Peace. Conflict and calm represent the dichotomy of our existence. We prepare for the former, and hope for the latter. Life as we know it, is a delicate balance between the two.

Please honor us by joining our Domain in celebrating the different sides of our lives – light and dark.  

In honor of these two deities, we ask that attendees dress in their best interpretation of war or peace from historical, modern, future or mythological concepts.

Visitors, please be aware of the applicable Courtesies held in the Domain of Phoenix –

– To ensure adherence to the Masquerade, humans will not be unjustifiably harmed. Any kindred who kills a human within the boundaries of the Domain territory will present themselves to the Prince for an explanation and potential judgment.
– The flesh twisting powers of Vicissitude have no home in Phoenix. The use or display of these powers are not permitted. Those who stand in violation of this courtesy shall be torpored and brought before the Prince in judgement.

The contact for the Primogen are as follows:
Assamite – Odette bint Rumi
Brujah – Joseph Maxwell
Gangrel – Pollux Xenos
Malkavian – Todd St. James
Nosferatu – The Conductor
Toreador – Thomas Rankin
Tremere – Kaius Drescher
Ventrue – Gunnvalder Grayson

To R.S.V.P, please use the following form – all the Primogen, the Court officers and the Harpy have access to this and will reach out as needed.

As always, we look forward to entertaining our guests.

Alwin Gerhardt
Prince of Phoenix, Arizona


We would love to see your smiling faces again this year in the Valley of the Sun (where harsh winter weather means you put on a light jacket and socks before going outside)!

Please feel free to check out our website, pre-reg for the event, and drop us a line if you have questions.

Thanks, and we’d love to see you in Phoenix!

Bryan Himebaugh

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