Greetings MESers!

Our Featured Game is one we take pride in. We do our best to plan and execute a Featured Game that the Region can be proud of as well. We love getting visitors from every corner of the nation to enjoy our hospitality and games.

We have been steadily pushing up the bar on our own game, constantly striving to do more – do better – for our players and those who make the trip out to see us.

We fundraise at our games (game raffles, moon phase bidding, etc.), we have people who donate their time and money to this event – all for the betterment of the Domain, Region and over-arching game.

We make do on our own, but we’re not about to turn away help. We’ve had several people, near and afar, ask if there was a way to donate money to our endeavor.

We did some fiddling with our site here – now with this new page, we can accept donations from you, to our Domain, via PayPal.

If you’ve got money you’re interested in donating to our Featured Game, please use the button below to do so.

Thank you all for your generosity and your continued attendance. We truly do enjoy your company at our event!

Please note, the Paypal is linked to our DC’s account – so you’ll see their name pop-up.

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